Skinder Hundal – is CEO of New Art Exchange and has been in post since launching in September 2008. He has successfully led the organisation through a significant period of growth and development, achieving a strong reputation for creating and producing high quality art, bringing international standard culturally diverse art to Hyson Green in Nottingham, the UK and globally. He is passionate about supporting new talent, ‘creating incredible encounters’, and rethinking and improving how the arts and cultural ecology works. He has successfully delivered and negotiated many complex, large-scale projects, including the flagship NESTA Digital Arts R&D project - Culture Cloud, British Art Show 7 Nottingham, presenting at TED Global and the Google Cultural Institute. Skinder is Executive Producer for EM15 Venice a partnership from the Midlands delivering a pavilion at Venice Biennale 2015 as part of the main collateral programme. Also Executive Producer for Nottingham Mela Festival. He is a trustee of Darbar, Europe’s largest Indian Classical music festival and a member of Arts Council England’s newly formed Midland’s Area Board.


Skindal is presenting the following photographers:

Ben Harriot UK
Kajal Patel UK
Karl Ohiri UK/Nigeria
Mahtab Hussain UK
Sayed Hasan UK/Pakistan