Saiful Huq Omi is a photographer and human rights activists. He is the founder of the international photography school named Counter Foto in Bangladesh, which was established on 23rd November 2013.

Known globally for his long term projects, Omi has won many major international photography awards and grants and been published in many major publications in the world. He has been exhibited in 23 different countries since he took photography as his carrier in 2006. He has been photographing the Rohingyas since 2009 in Bangladesh, Thailand, India, Malaysia, in the United Kingdom.

Saiful is showcasing the following photographers:

Bashir Ahmed Sujan

Saud Al Faisal

Syed LatifHossain

Reza Shahriar Rahman

Riadul Islam Dip

Shantanu Mojumdar

Faiham Ebna Sharif

Ahmed Rasel

Mashrukh Ahmed

Kazi Riasat Alve

Shahria Sharmin

Shahnewaz Khan