Ravi Mishra

I’m Ravi Mishra, is a photographer and producer based in New Delhi, India.

Over the past decade, he has travelled throughout India – urban and rural – for assignments spanning a large spectrum of topics. Some of the most important stories I’ve worked upon include, human trafficking, child labour, gender issues, illegal sand mining, unregulated coalmines and secretive e-waste sites. He has collaborated with a wide variety of international news agencies and journalists.

Ravi was recently awarded the prestigious “Jan Mitra Award” for raising voice against gender violence for more than a decade, by the Peoples’ Vigilance Committee on Human Rights.

Ravi is one of the top Instagrammers from India and founded @everydayindia, which has a huge following. He was recently featured by @gettyreportage as one of only five photographers from around the world in the run up to World Photo Day five Instagrammers previously featured in #ReportageSpotlight.

He also uses his instagram feed to highlight Indian culture, about which he is passionate. This is demonstrated by his continued and in-depth coverage of the Holi festival for the past six years.