Poulomi Basu

Poulomi Basu/Director


Poulomi Basu is a storyteller, artist, activist and new-media practitioner.


Her work focuses on under-reported contemporary issues where gender and the formation of identity are often defining characteristics. She is interested in the lives of ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstance; in those individuals and groups who quietly challenge the prevailing orthodoxies of the world in which they live.
Poulomi divides her time between working on long-term personal projects and assignments for the international media and humanitarian organizations.
A winner of the Magnum Emergency Fund 2-16 she was also a finalist for the 2016 Eugene Smith Award. In 2015 was a Paul Huff Nominee and has was previously a Magnum Foundation Human Rights Fellow.


Poulomi was part of the VII Photo Mentor Program. She has exhibited widely and have covered issues across Asia, Europe and America.


She was incited to speak in the 2016 National Geographic Seminar; the UN Young Changemakers Conclave where she spoke on the social impact of sustainable development with specific reference to her long-term project A Ritual of Exile and her collaboration with NGO Water Aid and their To Be A Girl campaign, which raised £2 million, using her work. Poulomi was featured alongside Hilary Clinton as one of the one of the ‘Amazing women from around the world giving their best advice‘ by Refinery29.