Aaron Vincent Elkaim (b.1981) is a Canadian documentary photographer and founding member of the Boreal Collective. Currently based in Toronto Canada, Aaron approaches his work with a focus on narratives where culture, history and environment collide. Since 2011 he has committed himself to exploring regions where cultures still connected to the natural world are being impacted by development. For Aaron photography offers a motive to seek out, explore and better understand humanity and its condition in our rapidly evolving world. He believes it is vital to document with purpose and embraces the subjective nature of photography while understanding the importance of varied perspectives. While highlighting important human and environmental rights issues, Aaron addresses the need to protect nature by revealing our profound connection it.

Aaron’s work has been recognized by a number of institutions including the 2014 Oskar Barnak Award, 2012 Daylight Photo Award, American Photography, the Magenta Foundation, Photolucidia, PDN, the Lucie Awards, and FotoVisura, among others. His clients include The New Yorker, The New York Times, TIME Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, HUCK, VISION Magazine, Maisonneuve, and The Globe and Mail.

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